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As one of the first associations of its kind, NZAPT has set the bar and is proud to serve its loyal, growing community. By providing invaluable resources, unique opportunities and a long-standing network of people who are committed to helping one another, we ensure our members have the tools necessary to succeed. We’re currently accepting new members so if you’re interested in joining, get in touch today.


Meet the Team

The NZAPT is fortunate to have two teams supporting Psychology teachers in Aotearoa. We have our NZAPT board members who look after the day-to-day running of the association and our Network of Expertise (NEX) committee members who support the professional development of our members.

NZAPT Board Members

NEX Committee Members

   The New Zealand Association of Psychology Teachers has a Ministry of Education contract under the 'Networks of Expertise' initiative. Networks of Expertise are designed to provide subject-specific professional development support for teachers. The focus of the Network set up by NZAPT includes strengthening existing support such as our annual professional development workshop as well as developing new initiatives to provide resources, peer support and networks for new and experienced teachers of psychology in new Zealand.


Tim Kelly NEX committee member Huranui College


Stacey Morgan NEX committee member Kapiti College


Sam Dudek NEX committee member. Past Chair


Eliot Attridge NEX committee member Marlborough Boys College

Annie Breeze profile pic

Annie Breeze NEX committee member Greymouth High School

adam C profile pic

Adam Crichton NEX committee member Nayland College

steph profile pic

Steph O'Brien Past Secretary

Sarah Douglas profile pic

Sarah Douglas NEX committee member St Pauls Collegiate


Megan Benson NEX Committee Member Feilding High School


Eric Wheater NEX committee member Past Secretary

Shelly Hulland

Shelly Hulland NEX committee member Nelson College for Girls

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