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Membership Benefits

  • Each member is entitled to receive the Association’s Newsletters

  • Members are given access to NZAPT shared teaching resources

  • Members can access exemplar student work and can connect with other members for moderation purposes

  • Members are invited to attend the annual NZAPT conference

  • Members have the opportunity to be involved in consultations with NZQA, Ministry of Education and other organisations involved in developing psychology standards, assessments and resources

  • Contact details for members schools made available to  other members to help build professional networks.

Membership Types

Full membership  includes access to online resources , free face-to-face PLD and a free moderation service. Limits apply.
Online only access membership gives members who join part way through a year  the ability to access our shared drive. 
Forward all requests for membership to:

Individual Membership
(Single teacher at a school or tertiary student)

$50.00 + GST​  = 12 month membership

Trainee Teachers and Tertiary Students:  FREE  (proof of study required)

Institutional Membership ​
(2 or more teachers at a school)

$85 + GST = 12 month membership ​
(2 or more teachers at a school)

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