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Membership Benefits

  • Each member is entitled to receive the Association’s Newsletters

  • Members are given access to NZAPT shared teaching resources

  • Members can access exemplar student work and can connect with other members for moderation purposes

  • Members are invited to attend the annual NZAPT conference

  • Members have the opportunity to be involved in consultations with NZQA, Ministry of Education and other organisations involved in developing psychology standards, assessments and resources

Membership Types

Our membership year is for a school year with annual subs sent out late in Term 4 for the following year.

Invoices for member schools to renew for 2022 were sent out 9/12/21

Full membership  includes access to online resources , free face-to-face PLD and a free moderation service. 
Online only access membership gives members who join part way through a year  the ability to access our shared drive. 
Forward all requests membership to:

Individual Membership
(Single teacher at a school or tertiary student)

$50.00 + GST​  = 12 month full access membership, includes conference

$35 +GST = online access  (pro-rata)

Trainee Teachers and Tertiary Students:  FREE  (proof of study required)

Institutional Membership ​
(2 or more teachers at a school)

Institutional membership ​
(2 or more teachers at a school)

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