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NZAPT Services

As well as supporting the growth of psychology in secondary schools and advocating for the subject and its teachers. The NZAPT also develops resources that can be found in the members-only section of this website. 

Responding to the growth of schools offering psychology, the NZAPT also provides a mentoring scheme and organises local hubs to connect psychology teachers from the same areas to support and foster collaboration. 

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NZAPT Mentoring Programme

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The NZAPT free mentoring programme is generally for teachers new to teaching psychology. However, we can help seasoned psychology teachers looking to change their course. The NZAPT mentoring programme is collaboratively designed between the mentor and mentee to support the mentee's needs. The mentoring includes

  • being assigned an NZAPT Network of Expertise member to be your mentor.

  • At least two face-to-face meetings with your mentor. This can include classroom observations (of the mentor)

  • Support to develop your programme, including internal design

  • External moderation support.

As we move closer to the NCEA changes, we will be looking to develop options to support teachers in moving to the new curriculum.  


NZAPT Regional Hubs

The NZAPT's goal is to empower psychology teachers through collaboration with peers from local schools. The NZAPT provides regional hubs terms 1-3. These hubs see assigned Network of Expertise members host and deliver resources designed by NZAPT that focus on course design for a specific standard, internal design, classroom activities, as well as marking and moderation support.

NZAPT Annual Conference


Every year the NZAPT hosts a two-day annual conference co-hosted by a university's psychology department. The conference is a mix of NZAPT led workshops and talks by the hosting school of psychology. The objectives of this conference include;

  • building professional networks,

  • best practice teaching and assessment

  • Developing cultural capabilities.

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