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NZAPT Conference 2022

This page is the one-stop shop for all information about the conference, including all materials provided at the conference.

Where and When? 

Thursday, 24th November, 9.00 am-4.15 pm

Friday, 24th November, 9.30 am - 3.00 pm (latest)

Rooms QB6 and QB2, Quadrangle Building B, East Precinct, Massey Auckland 

If you click on  Guest, which will show up in the WiFi options when you are on campus, this will appear,  and you just need to follow the prompts.

How to get to the conference?

Where is the conference?

There are three campuses at Massey Auckland. We are at the East Precinct

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Conference Plan

Plan of the day.PNG

Guest Speakers

Dr Stephen Hill

Dr Stephen Hill PhD, is an Associate Professor and Doctoral Supervisor in the School of Psychology at Massey University. He is a cognitive psychologist and conducts research in four overlapping areas: embodied/distributed cognitive science, environmental stressors, climate change psychology, and the scientific knowledge and lay cognition.  Much of his work has been done in multidisciplinary teams with researchers from the fields of physiology, nutrition, sport science, emergency management, and aviation. Stephen Hill has a huge passion and interest in the teaching of Psychology at Secondary School. He has been a key member of the New Zealand Association of Psychology Teachers for many years and has worked closely with us to strengthen the association.

Dr Natasha Tassell-Matamua

Dr Natasha Tassell-Matamua PhD,  Associate Professor in the School of Psychology at Massey University and Director of the Centre for Indigenous Psychologies in New Zealand. She is of Indigenous Māori, Cook Islands and European descent. Natasha’s primary research interests include cultural psychology and near-death studies. In cultural psychology, Natasha is particularly interested in the application of psychological principles to indigenous peoples, indigenous ethics, and kaupapa Māori psychology. In her publications she has tackled the topic of how universal codes of ethics/declarations can undermine efforts to be culturally sensitive. Natasha’s focus on indigenous psychology has resulted in invitations to contribute to international conferences. Natasha’s writing on near-death experiences demonstrates her breadth of research skills and her ability to situate findings in relation to Māori beliefs about death and the afterlife. She has been praised for the rigorous nature of her work and her relating of her findings to international research.

Dr Matt Williams 

Dr Matt Williams PhD,  completed his graduate studies and postgraduate studies at Massey University where he obtained his Bachelor of Business Studies, Graduate Diploma in Arts, Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. His primary interest is in the use of quantitative research methods in the social sciences, especially in how psychological research methods can be used to study the relationship between human behaviour and climate change. Matt is a member of the Affect, Cognition and Environment (ACE) research cluster at Massey University. The cluster is made up of academics and students in the School of Psychology who conduct research in the areas of affect/emotion, cognition, and environmental psychology. He has a particular interest in climate change research and open science. His research interests are focused on two main topics - metapsychology and methodology. In particular, he investigates the assumptions underlying statistical analyses, and how we can improve the transparency and replicability of research in psychology, and misinformation.

Frequently Asked Questions
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If you know you are going to be late in advance of the conference, please email so we can make sure someone is there to greet you when you arrive. If you are unexpectedly late please come and join the fun in QB2 or QB6 when you arrive

What if we arrive late on day 1?


Car Park
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Yes, there is parking (see map above). But, we have been advised that there are a number of events at the East Precinct during the two days. To not be disappointed. Please arrive early or, where possible, walk, lift-share or catch public transport. Alternatively, there is a shuttle from the ŌTEHĀ ROHE campus

Is there parking at the venue?


Take Away Coffee

Where to get caffeinated?

Browse Café in the library serving Starbucks Coffee

0900am to 0230pm (Monday to Friday)


Food For Thoughts on the ground floor of the Student Centre Building.  

0830am to 0700pm (Monday to Friday)

Taking Notes
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This is a really good opportunity to build your 2023 course, revamp assessments you feel you need to update or try something new and learn new classroom activities you may not have thought of before.

Whether experienced or new to teaching psychology the opportunity is there to take something home. Our advice is to come with a list of questions, an assessment you may not be happy with, and a rough outline for 2023. Anything that has been on your mind over the last two years since we last ran a conference.


Remember to try to give as much as you want to receive and bring things you are particularly proud of, that have worked well or stories to share.

We have the opportunity to ask questions and clarification about the new standards. To prepare for this session please read the new standards 

Additionally here is a link to Insight into Kaupapa Māori 

What can I do to prepare for the conference?

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Great news! Remember when learning something new we all have to start somewhere and today is a good day to start. Here is a good link to start you on your pepeha journey 

I would like to introduce myself using a non-Māori pepeha


Girls in a Coffee Shop
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Yes, there is a cafe. We will be providing morning tea and lunch. As well as tea and coffee throughout the conference. At the end of day 1 if you would like to continue to meet other delegates we will be moving on to Happy Hour at the all-day Traders 

Is there a cafe on the campus?


Massey Health and Safety Information
Incl. campus security, lost and found, and emergencies

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