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Activity – Build a Lego House

This activity is used during both Level 2 and Level 3 Research Standards. It is used as a practical example of the Scientific Method and gets students to use Lego (or any building blocks) to build something of their choice (for example; a house, or car, or person).

Students work in peers to create a Lego house, with one person writing down each individual steps (the procedure). The aim is to create as detailed instructions as possible for other people in the class to follow and create the same house as the original.

Teacher Materials

  • A sheet for students to write on (an example of one is below).

  • Lego or building blocks

  • A decent size classroom, so that students can move around and create their house.

  • Time – around 40 minutes for students to make and write their instructions and then 20-30minutes for students to try other students work.

Before completing this activity it is useful to have gone over what the scientific method is with your class.

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