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Bitesize Assessor Support: Level 3 Approaches is Live

Psychology - Online Assessor SupportShow: Psychology Homepage

Various free resources to support assessors are available on the NZQA Learning Management System, Pūtake, including subject specific bite-sized modules and a full range of online Best Practice Workshops. The material is available at any time via the Education Sector Logon, at no cost.

Available resources for Psychology:

  • Analyse the interaction between psychological approaches

Before you startEnsure your ESL account is active. Contact your school’s Delegated Authoriser, the self-service portal or the Service Desk.

Log in to PūtakeGo to and log in using your ESL details. You will be taken to your own Pūtake homepage/dashboard, showing the content available to you. To quickly access the content for your subject, use the Catalogue button at the top of your browser, and then select your subject from the list on the left

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