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Developing our capacity in Mātauranga Māori

Developing our capacity in Matauranga Maori

We are looking for your help.

Western Psychology and Matauranga Maori have, historically, been miles apart and Western Psychology has dominated the discourse at the expense of Mana Whenua. As part of our commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi, and with the support of the Networks of Expertise, the NZAPT is developing our cultural competencies in Te Ao Maori. Our first steps have been to participate in NEX training and begin to curate resources in our shared member drive. We recognise that some of our members might not see ways that they can be involved in areas that they feel they have expertise in and we are determined to address this in 2022.

In 2022, our key actions are

  1. Improve our organization by creating a model of leading that supports Maori and Pasifika psychology teachers to join the NZAPT committee

  2. Support teachers to connect with their local Iwi to build their local psychology curriculum

  3. Connect with Indigenous Psychology researchers at universities to understand how their research can inform and support our secondary school teaching

The goal of these actions are:

To build curriculum resources that teach all Psychology students a Maori worldview

To develop our knowledge so Maori can experience success as Māori within Secondary School Psychology

To provide culturally specific content to enhance student capabilities when working with Māori and Indigenous peoples that use health services and the wider fields within Psychology.

To recognise the māna of psychology teachers with good practice and/or resources by providing ways to discuss or share these within the Association.

Gaye Bloomfield

​ NZAPT committee

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