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Empowering Teachers: Highlights from the 2022 NZAPT Conference

Educators play a vital role in shaping the minds of the next generation. To equip teachers with the necessary tools and inspiration, the New Zealand Association of Psychology Teachers (NZAPT) hosted the 2022 conference in Auckland. This event brought together psychology

teachers from across the country, providing them with a platform to exchange ideas, explore innovative teaching methodologies, and embrace the upcoming changes in the curriculum. Let's delve into the key takeaways and insights gained by these passionate educators during the conference.

Engaging Starters and Reinforcers:

One of the highlights of the NZAPT Conference was the abundance of creative and practical ideas for starters and reinforcing knowledge. Teachers were thrilled to discover a plethora of engaging multimedia resources that will captivate their students' attention. These innovative techniques ensure that learning is not only informative but also enjoyable.

Confidence Boost and Networking:

The conference fostered a sense of camaraderie and support among psychology teachers. The discussions and interactions with colleagues provided reassurance that educators are on the right track in their teaching practices. Moreover, the conference offered a valuable networking opportunity, allowing teachers to connect with peers from other schools. This connection facilitated collaboration and resource-sharing, benefiting both teachers and students alike.

Integrating Mātauranga Māori:

An essential aspect of the conference was the focus on integrating Mātauranga Māori, providing a Māori lens to the teaching of psychology. Educators gained a deeper understanding of how to incorporate indigenous knowledge and perspectives into their courses. This cultural integration will not only enhance students' learning experiences but also promote inclusivity and diversity within the classroom.

Anticipation for Curriculum Changes:

With the upcoming changes in the curriculum, psychology teachers were excited to explore new possibilities and embrace the evolving educational landscape. The conference shed light on the implications and future directions of the changes, instilling a sense of enthusiasm and preparedness in teachers. This anticipation will result in more comprehensive and relevant courses for students, enabling them to delve into the intricacies of psychology.

Strengthening Ethical Considerations:

Ethics plays a vital role in the field of psychology. The conference emphasised the importance of incorporating ethical discussions and considerations within the curriculum. Teachers recognised the significance of instilling ethical awareness in their students, ensuring they approach psychology with integrity and respect for all individuals involved.

Resources and Cross-Disciplinary Connections:

The NZAPT Conference provided teachers with a wealth of resources, including specific materials, content options, and research from New Zealand. This comprehensive collection of resources equips teachers to deliver enriched and engaging lessons that connect with students on multiple levels. Additionally, the conference facilitated cross-disciplinary connections, enabling teachers to identify overlaps between psychology and other subjects, such as History. This synergy allows for seamless integration and knowledge transfer across disciplines.

Feedback from Conference Attendees:

The NZAPT Conference received overwhelmingly positive feedback from psychology teachers who attended. Here are some of the comments shared by participants:

  • "Lots of really good ideas for starters/reinforcers of knowledge - lots that will really engage students and are multi-media."

  • "I feel more confident in what I am doing. This was my first year teaching psychology, and it was good to network and implement their 'gold nuggets' into my course."

  • "Feeling a lot more confident and so excited to hopefully get into teaching psychology again in the future."

  • "It has given me more ideas for both practical starters and lesson ideas, given me confidence in starting to integrate Mātauranga Māori ideas into the current programme."

  • "Helped me connect with other teachers, so moderation communication is easier. Also, put me at ease about the role that Mātauranga Māori is to play in the course."

  • "Refreshed around what needs to be covered in courses. Some new ideas to bring into our newly established courses that will run for the first time in 2023."

The NZAPT Conference proved to be a transformative experience for psychology teachers in New Zealand. It empowered educators with innovative teaching strategies, instilled confidence, and fostered a supportive network. The integration of Mātauranga Māori, the anticipation for curriculum changes, and the emphasis on ethics further enriched the teachers' pedagogical approaches. As a result, students will benefit from more engaging, culturally inclusive, and ethically sound psychology courses, preparing them to understand and navigate the complexities of the human mind. The impact of the conference extends beyond the classroom, paving the way for lifelong learning and collaboration among passionate educators.

If you want to be part of these fantastic discussions and learning experiences make sure you keep an eye out for 2023 NZAPT conference information! We will be releasing more information throughout the year.

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