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Getting ready for the external

The 2021 external examination at Level 3 has undergone a substantial format change. You can see the sample assessment material here: Examination date: Monday 22 November 9.30am In addition to the Term 2 Hubs slideshow, there is now a ready-to-print resource booklet to support teachers in preparing students for the Level 3 2021 external exam. These resources include exam tips, in-class revision tasks and a derived grade exam. The slideshow and resource booklet is available via our members only page Why do the exam? As a student: Endorse in Psychology Passing an external helps your resume to stand out from others Reading Literacy credits ESA have published a workbook to assist with preparing for the external: $8.95 (or $7 for 2+ copies) This resource contains revision notes on significant issues and prepares students for extended written responses with practice questions.

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