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Psychology Week

Psychology Week is coming up 15th- 21st May and features events involving the New Zealand Psychological Society psychologists across the country including public events and media articles on a range of issues. The public are welcome at many events below - attendance is free.

The theme for this year is Love Psychology: You can find out more about it here:

This awareness week aims to increase public knowledge of how psychology can help people, families/whanau and communities find ways to increase their psychological wellbeing. It also aims to raise awareness of the wide variety of roles that psychologists have in the health, justice, corrections, educational and other sectors.

In Nelson, our local NZ Psychological Society branch are running some activities during the week to connect with students and individuals interested in psychology, studying psychology, or finding out more about what psychology offers. Lydia Stallard is coming to speak to Nayland College students about her path from studying psychology at Nayland College 20 years into various psychological fields of work as a registered psychologist.. Beyond Psychology Week (because it’s only one week!), the Nelson branch of the NZ Psychological Society is keen to stay in touch on an ongoing basis to connect with students and young people to get them interested in psychology, to provide information about psychology and the various areas of application, or any other ideas. Their support is free and their time is voluntary.

The NZPS website has a number of resources to support your teaching programme. I like to use it as a starter activity where students can take a current news story and try to predict what the psychological society’s response will be. Additionally, it can help you to prepare for subject selection:

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