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Reflecting on the NZAPT South Island Summit: Supporting Psychology Teachers

"Collectively sharing and discussing psychology was awesome."

Earlier this week we held the South Island Summit, where teachers from across the South Island region came together to discuss Level 2 and 3 topics in psychology education. The summit provided a platform for teachers to unpack the standards, share insights, and foster connections within the teaching community.

Unpacking the Standards: Enhancing Understanding and Practice

One of the primary objectives of the South Island Summit was to provide a comprehensive understanding of the Level 2 and 3 Achievement Standards in psychology. Teachers expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to have the standards fully explained, enabling them to gain clarity and confidence in their interpretation. Through detailed discussions and expert guidance, teachers were able to delve deeper into the requirements of the standards, ensuring accurate interpretation and implementation in the classroom.

"One of the most helpful things was the breakdown of the wordings of the standards. Unpacking exactly what is required and ensuring that we are interpreting the standards correctly." - Summit Attendee

Building Connections and Collaboration

The summit fostered an environment conducive to collaboration and connection-building. Participants greatly valued the chance to connect with teachers from other schools, exchange ideas, and learn from each other's experiences. The shared knowledge and insights enriched the discussions and inspired innovative approaches to teaching psychology. By networking with colleagues and experts in the field, teachers were able to tap into a wealth of knowledge and gain inspiration for their own classrooms.

"The South Island Psychology Summit is a fantastic opportunity to connect with teachers from a range of schools and contexts to share our practice and specific subject knowledge." - Summit Attendee

Addressing Pitfalls and Sharing Best Practices

One of the highlights of the South Island Summit was the opportunity to identify and discuss common pitfalls associated with the various assessments in psychology. Teachers engaged in robust conversations, aiming to better understand the nuances and requirements of the standards. By deconstructing the terms in the marking schedules, educators were able to refine their teaching strategies and address potential challenges that students might face. The discussions around pitfalls provided invaluable insights, enabling teachers to develop effective approaches to support their students' success.

Professional Support and Growth

"The event was well-staffed and addressed the pressing issue for teachers, that is, what specific things need to be addressed to improve student performance?" - Summit Attendee

The South Island Psychology Summit served as a platform for professional support and growth. Participants expressed their gratitude for the extensive support they received regarding Level 2 and 3 Achievement Standards and assessment. The event offered a brilliant opportunity for professional development, enabling teachers to engage in meaningful discussions, expand their networks, and gain fresh perspectives. The insightful conversations and collaboration with fellow psychology teachers nurtured a sense of camaraderie and provided a supportive environment for personal and professional growth.

The NZAPT South Island Summit proved to be a highly valuable and engaging event for psychology teachers across the region. By unpacking Level 2 and 3 topics, discussing the standards, and addressing potential pitfalls, educators were able to enhance their understanding and refine their teaching practices. The summit also provided a platform for building connections, fostering collaboration, and promoting professional growth within the psychology teaching community. Overall, the event's success reaffirmed the importance of such gatherings in enriching education and supporting teacher excellence in New Zealand.

As the NZAPT continues to organise events and conferences, it remains committed to providing valuable opportunities for professional development, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing among psychology educators.

Remember to visit our website for updates on future events and resources for psychology teachers. Thank you for joining us on this journey of enhancing psychology education in New Zealand!

Stephanie O'Brien

NZAPT Secretary

"A wonderful day filled with warmth, discussion, and clarification!" - Summit attendee
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