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Tawa College Social Media Deprivation Experiment Camp - A Student Perspective

On Monday 18th March, a number of psychology students attended a camp which lasted 3 days. The aim of this camp was to see the effects of social media deprivation on the students. At the start and end of each day we conducted the same experiments which included the lick test, stroop test, heart rate, biodot, happiness test and memory test. Throughout the 3 days, we were to write down our results and see if there were any noticeable differences, the longer we went without social media. During this camp we also took part in activities throughout the day such as horse riding, archery, escape rooms, bubble soccer etc.

This experience has been great especially due to the fact that this was mine and others first time going on camp. Going on camp without using our phones has been a real eye opening experience because most of us teenagers are so fixated on our phones instead of doing something physical or focusing on things more important. Lasting three days without our phones was easy for me and others because we were surrounded by friends and fun activities to do which kept us busy. Being busy was helpful because we usually tend to go on our phones when we are bored. But because we had activities already planned out for the three days, there wasn’t a split second for us to feel bored.

Overall camp was really fun and it also taught us a few valuable lessons. One being that we are able to have fun and experience life without our phones by our side .

Thank you for this amazing experience.

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